Among the Umbrian hills


Among the Umbrian hills there is Assisi, with its famous Basilica of San Francesco, a beautiful church where a vision changed the life of the saint, and where you can find his relics. Assisi is beautifully preserved, and is a very calm and spiritual place. Pretty near from Assisi you can reach Mount Subasio, where you can take long walks, enjoy the breathtaking views, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

“The city that dies”

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio is located on the top of a big canyon, this is Italy’s ultimate town. The village is called ”the city that dies" because is only inhabited by ten people, and can only be reached through a long pedestrian bridge, dating back to the 60s. The town is becoming very popular even for movies. The visit to the village is paid, the cost is 3.00 euros on weekdays, 5.00 euros on holidays. Not far from here it can be interesting to visit the lake of Bolsena, one of the largest lake in Italy.

The cradle of Renaissance


Florence is considered one the most important city in Italy. The Italian Renaissance was born in Florence, and here you can find the best Reinassance art in Europe. You will see masterpieces like Botticelli’s With the Born of Venus, Michelangelo’s David and Leonardo’s paintings. But all the city is full of history, there are beautiful and ancient buildigs like Palazzo della Signoria or Palazzo Pitti. Florence is also suitable for street markets, fashion, food.

History and entertainment


Lucca, a small town renowned for its monuments and its sixteenth-century city walls which are perfectly intact and perfect for a walk or a ride bike.Here you can see Romanesque churches and suggestive squares, but not just historical monuments, in Lucca there are also international events like the Lucca Comics e Games that is the second comic’s festival in the world after the Tokyo Comiket. In the summer, in June and July, could instead take a look at the Lucca Summer Festival, where you can hear very famous and international musician.

The Etruscan city


Perugia is a very old city, it was founded by the Etruscans around the eleventh century before Christ, it is indeed rich of history and monuments. You will seem to immerse yourself in another period, you can admire ancient and majestic architectural constructions such as the Rocca Paolina or Fontana Maggiore. Perugia is also a very beautiful active city, hosting a very big university, the place offer lot of cultural events. A romantic walk along Via dell'Acquedotto is also relaxing and suggestive.

The city of the Leaning Tower


Pisa is very famous, especially for its Leaning Tower. The building is located in the field of Miracles and is one of the most famous monuments in the world. The white marble tower is tall 56 meters and is the bell tower of the Romanesque cathedral that stands next to it. The rest of the city is rich in architecture, history and student vibe. In the city are located two of the most renowed university institutions in Europe, the Superior School of Sant'Anna, and the Normale Superior School.

The little Jerusalem


Pitigliano is located in the South of Tuscany, and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The historical center is called the small Jerusalem for the historical presence of a Jewish community. In fact, there is a sixteenth-century synagogue, which today is one of the most characteristic monuments of the historical center. But the whole town is actually very suggestive and particular, because like Sorano and Sovana are immersed in the tuff. Walking through this village there is something poetic, its little alleyways and its artisan shops will catapult you into a reality that perhaps you thought that was gone.

The city of 100 towers

San Gimignano

Tuscany is full of beautiful villages you know, but San Gimignano has taken the name of being the most beautiful. Its medieval architecture has remained almost completely intact, so it is an excellent example of the urban organization of the period. Its distinctive skyline has medieval towers. San Gimignano was a stop for pilgrims who were heading to Rome, today the tourists replace the pilgrims because the town is easy to visit and is a very suggestive and photogenic place.

City of alabaster


Volterra is a small city, where however it is possible to make a big feast of the ancient world. The town has Etruscan origins, and is rich of archaeological finds.There is the Acropolis, where you can see different buildings and the foundations of an ancient Roman theater. There is also the Etruscan Museum which is filled of ancient artifact. Less old, but still beautiful is the Palazzo dei Priori, in the historic center of the city. The town is also famous for its mining and processing of alabaster, considered the most renowned in Europe.

The rich medieval city


Siena is a truly unique city, surrounded by its beautiful walls, and its gates, has a wonderful historic center, full of characteristic alleys and medieval brick buildings. Piazza del Campo the central square with its characteristic shell shape, is the home of Palazzo Pubblico and of the Torre del Mangia, the tower above which you can climb and enjoy a wonderful view of the roofs and the Sienese landscape. Even the Duomo is an architectural masterpiece that deserves a visit.


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