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Bazart room

Bazart è la sala comune di Fonte Bertusi. E’ un ambiente accogliente dove gli ospiti possono concedersi un po di relax, leggere libri d’arte, passare qualche momento in compagnia con gli altri ospiti o semplicemente sorseggiare una buona tazza di the. Un’atmosfera ideale per chi desidera sentirsi come a casa.

Let yourself be inspired

Art & craft shop

Bazart is not just a place, but also a brand. Bazart is a little art and craft shop. You can buy paintings and art catalogs of Edoardo, artworks, photos and posters of Andrea and handicraft creations made by Manuela, such as aprons, lavender sachets, scented linen, wood hearts and anything else the imagination us suggests.

Your party in a magical atmosphere

For your reunion party

The Bazart room can be used for meetings, workshops, family reunions, art events, little ceremonies for up to 40 people. At disposal comfortable chairs and some tables. We will help you to organize your party in total relaxation to celebrate your important events with your friends and your family.

Art is the right hand of nature

Our Spring Music Week

Every year, the second week of May, the Bazart room be filled with classical music. The Spring Music Week, an event which celebrate the shared vision of the Pisano family and musicians Federica Ferrati and Matteo Fossi, combine the expertise of professional artists active on the international scene with the enthusiasm and talent of many young people who are destined to emerge and be recognized.

6-12 May 2018

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