Hospitality since 1990

Fonte Bertusi

Fonte Bertusi was a pioneer in the concept of “green” (ecological) holidays in the Val d’Orcia. The business was established in 1990 by the Pisano family and since then they’ve been offering warm hospitality in a unique environment; at one with nature, history, beauty and art. Life here somehow eludes time.The ancient podere, or farmhouse, was built in the 1700s. Its robust stone structure has been carefully restored so as to preserve the flavor and atmosphere of the past.

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Nature is revealed to those who have passion!

A shared dream

On 10 August 1985 at 1:16 pm, a large moving van, heavily loaded to the brim, left Via Luigi Galvani in the center of Naples, headed for Tuscany. At the same time, in a blue family Opel, the whole family of Eddy and Mena and her four children took to the highway to start a new life.

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A star for friend

Who hosts you

Andrea and Manuela met under a starry sky the night of San Lorenzo many years ago. Together they share their project of life, the nature and the beauty of these places with the whole world. Still after many years they get excited for beautiful ideas and beautiful people.
In love with the stars, in love with the moon, and also with the little Matilde, they will give you their time and their passion for hospitality.

Reinventing the future

Edoardo Pisano

Only later, when you are on your way back, you can understand and define your feelings: having lived your holiday in a painting of Edoardo. Fonte Bertusi is his creature and is his merit if even the most insane imagination has become pure reality. Notable artist and art teacher, has known, with his strong personality, how to give a very special imprint to this place. There is no more imaginary place, that is more true, of this!

The power of ideas!

Andrea Pisano

Restless spirit just enough, Andrea is not satisfy with the routine, he needs to experiment. He play with memories and with signs, he breaks down and recomposes images, creating new ones and using a lot of different technique and sense. Professional graphic designer and polyhedric artist, Andrea is dedicated to communication, and is continuously searching for new motif, to reinterpret and add value, with its ironic vein, to the more obvious ideas.

Articles, Tips and Insights for Your Vacation

Fonte Bertusi Journal

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