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Pecorino Cheese

Pecorino di Pienza Cheese

Knowing the territory means knowing the popular and culinary traditions of a country,  so we can not mention the famous Pecorino of Pienza. A very old product, so much so that large earthenware boilers from the prehistoric era have been found to testify that this cheese was already produced at the time. But in the '60s this product had a turning point, the abandonment of the countryside by the local farmers gave space to the Sardinian shepherds who led to a transformation of the product. But to make it unmistakable and unique, however, is also the presence on the pastures of a rich variety of herbs such as santoreggia, serpillo thyme, helichrysum and wormwood

For those wishing to discover the flavors of the various types of pecorino, we suggest Silvana Cugusi's company which has always taken care of the pastures and the flocks, so the complete control of the supply chain ensures a high quality of the product. Cugusi offers 16 different products, all excellent ranging from the classic fresh pecorino, sweet and delicate, to the red semi-matured, treated in crust with tomato paste, to the seasoned, the classic pecorino of Pienza with the brown peel treated with olive oil oddments and seasoned on fir boards, up to the award-winning pecorino gran riserva, the prince of Cugusi's house, aged for 18 months it has an unforgettable taste. Then there are the fermented, with the marc of Vino Nobile or with the leaves of nut, or that of Fossa aged three months in natural tuff pits. Also spicy pepper, chilli and truffle give to the pecorino an intense flavor, ideal for appetizers. Finally, there is the peconzola, a blue cheese with a delicate taste, ideal for being grilled. Finally I want to praise the wonderful yogurt that I assure is the best I've ever tasted. 

Silvana and the others will accompany you with the kindness that distinguishes them in the streets of taste through a simple and effective tasting.

For a special tasting or a pic-nic time see their website -


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