Swimming pool

Narrated by Marie – France

It’s 9 am and we go for a ride to Pienza. We get lost in the small quaint shops. We stop to buy something for a quick lunch. We get some cheese, a little salad and fresh bread. It’s hot, the pool is so inviting … we decide to go for a swim. Time to put on our bathing suites and splash! How wonderful! The water is so fresh and clear. I want to be belly up … look at that sky! I haven’t seen the sky like this since I was a child. Now I remember why I liked it so much. “Run! You come, too!” The water is beautiful. From here you can see the entire valley … what a treat! Now this is a vacation! I’m going to sunbathe on the steps. “Please don’t go to sleep, soon we’ll eat.” I want to sit down on that rock which is on the edge … There are little plants growing in the holes. I forgot my flip flops, and my feet are wet, the grass feels so good under my feet. I do not want to put my shoes back on!

Hey! But behind this rose there is a stairway … where does it go? I go down. There are sun loungers for sunbathing. In front of the valley, the green wheat sways! See how it moves with the wind! It really seems like the sea! There is a small table under the gazebo. Tonight I absolutely must not miss the sunset from here, I’ll wait for it with a nice glass of wine. Down below there is a pond. I’m going to call my boyfriend. But where did he go? Perhaps to prepare lunch. I take a last dip in the pool. Splash! There are two children playing and I think “It would be nice one day to return with our children … “.

Respect for Nature

The pool has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment.
It is completely covered with natural stone and limestone rocks of the Val d’Orcia.
Is possible to use the pool all day and at any time.

FAQs – swimming pool

Is the pool always open?
The pool is open from 1May to 30 September.
How big and deep is the pool?
The pool is 6×12 meters and 1.5 meters deep.
Is there a curfew for the pool?
You may use it whenever you like but it’s necessary to be quiet when others are sleeping.
Are there times when I cannot use the pool?
During the week we must carry out some maintenance work (to cut the grass, to clean the pool). Please don’t go in that area during these activities.
Should I take a shower before swimming?
Yes please, take a shower before entering the pool.
Are there chairs and umbrellas in the pool area?
Each apartment has its designated space with umbrella and deck chairs. Please do not remove deck-chairs or lounge chairs from the pool area.
Are there unassigned open areas?
Yes, beyond the swimming pool, in the Solarium, there are 8 beds and 1 gazebo for all guests.
Can I leave personal items in my place by the pool?
You can leave items in your place, but attention please, the automatic sprinkler system will turn on every night.
Do you supply pool towels or should we bring our own?
If you don’t have any, upon request, we can furnish you with some. Free of charge. Please don’t take the towels from your apartment to the swimming pool.