BazArt, the Bazaar of Artwork

Narrated by Ron – Belgium

Finally after a year of waiting we come back! My wife has been making preparations for this trip for a month. It requires good organization to prepare for a long three-week vacation. We cannot wait to come back, we want to see the new Room. We have been coming to Fonte Bertusi for 15 years, and we want to see what these crazy people have created this time!

Here is the Library, called BazArt. The room is perfectly integrated into the whole, it seems that it has always been here. Our friends welcome us with their smiles. We embrace Andrea and Manuela. Edoardo proudly invites us to enter: “This is the new Library!”

The room has been designed as a common meeting place, where you can read a book, learn about art, and buy the works of Fonte Bertusi’s artists .

How fantastic! Let’s take a quick look at the furniture, the paintings, the objects. Everything is in perfect harmony. We will return later, leisurely.

It’s 9 pm. We enter. There’s no one here. We turn on the lights and look around. There’s a kettle, and I boil some water. I take two cups and begin to make orange infused tea. We look forward to sitting on the couch with our noses in the air. But overhead is a balcony! We climb the stairs. Wow! A paradise for readers! A large library of art books, some are very valuable. Many are in English, thank goodness! I don’t know a word of Italian!

We descend, the tea is ready, and we walk around the library, sipping our tea. There are graphic prints of Andrea, a huge picture depicting a soldier and a cardinal, with a face like a monkey. I look at the date: Edoardo Pisano 1973. So old yet so timely. We continue. Under the window on a bench are Manuela’s creations: hearts of wood, cloth, scented plaster of Paris sachets, lavender sachets, wonderful aprons…

Here is Edoardo’s corner, where there are printed reproductions of his paintings. The originals are on the walls. My wife is trying on an apron. On the table is a beautiful book on the Renaissance, I flip through its pages. I see a trumpet on a shelf and I remember the words of Edoardo, he told me about the little Classical Music Festival which will be held in this room in May. A group of musicians, Fonte Bertusi’s friends, will play a concert every night for a week for a small circle of people.
A concert for us, what a luxury! Tomorrow morning I must remember to book our apartment for that date!