From 10 to 16 May 2015, the new BazArt room at Agriturismo Fonte Bertusi (located between Pienza and San Quirico d’Orcia—one of the most beautiful and poetic places in the world) will be filled with music. The 2nd Edition of the Fonte Bertusi Spring Music Week, an event which will celebrate the shared vision of the Pisano family and musicians Federica Ferrati and Matteo Fossi, will combine the expertise of professional artists active on the international scene with the enthusiasm and talent of many young people who are destined to emerge and be recognized. Thus, in the course of a week, the public will be able to follow a fascinating journey into great chamber music from Bach to Satie, Beethoven to Brahms. The concerts (free admission) will be preceded by a short guide to listening carefully to the performers, and by a little cocktail buffet provided by Fonte Bertusi.


“Art is the right hand of nature”
Friedrich Schiller

Nature and art are inseparable. It is from this conviction that springs the strong need to fulfill a dream:  to allow the beautiful hills of the Val d’Orcia to be the splendid theater of Music.
Fonte Bertusi opens the curtain to the resonance of great instrumental classical music … featuring the piano joined by some of its closest friends: the viola, the violin and the harpsichord.

A new room (the BazArt room) was created to become a permanent meeting place of the arts, and will be the place in which to enjoy a musical journey designed to embrace a period of history that has characterized the human sensibility for centuries—from Johann Sebastian Bach through the 20th century.  During the week of 10-16 May 2015 we will halt the hectic pace of our lives in order to enter into a timeless spring and be ready only to listen and observe what these composers did to become great men: to show respect for Art and Nature.
Internationally renowned musicians and promising young people, who have as a common goal the promotion of beauty and culture, will give a series of concerts planned and designed from the heart, to witness the extraordinary belief that mankind is capable of great feelings and hopes, the first among which is a world made ​​up of small, wonderful things that allow art education for all time to come.

Federica Ferrati and Matteo Fossi