Some guests have told us that their strongest memory of Fonte Bertusi is the scent of freshly baked croissants wafting in the morning air

What we serve

Our buffet is plentiful! You can taste Manuela’s bread and desserts, cookies, cereals, croissants, strudel, yogurt, butter, fresh fruit, canned fruit, jams, cold cuts, cheeses, but also you can have pizza, meatballs, pasta salad, rice salad, potatoes with hotdogs, pudding, ambrosia salad and anything else. You can serve yourself at the buffet table. We will be happy to prepare for you a delicious cappuccino, espresso, hot milk, tea or hot chocolate. For breakfast you can sit on the veranda from which, in addition to the wonderful landscape, you can see many birds coming to eat at the feeders. If you prefer, you can enjoy breakfast at the little tables outside, accompanied sometimes by a chubby cat named Manolo. We will be happy to prepare anything and, if you want, to make conversation with you.


Narrated by Chiara – Milan

At 6:30 am a beam of sunlight filters through the curtain and lights up the picture on the wall. It seems that the mythical beast of the picture moves. We arrived late last night and despite having slept so little, we have never been so rested. Outside the birds are chirping excitedly, in the distance a dog barks. Through the open window comes a fresh breeze and it is wonderful to be wrapped in smooth sheets. But, I’m too curious. I get up, I put on the first thing that I can find and go outside. The pool is still. There is no one outside. I sit on a deck chair and look up, where only a few solitary white clouds swim in the immense sky. And then they arrive—many swallows, happy and fast, skimming the pool water to take a drink. What peace! I’m hungry, I go and turn the corner and there it is! That aroma that almost makes you faint, of bread and croissants right out of the oven. I stealthily approach the breakfast room and Manuela says to me with a smile , “Good morning! soon we will be ready for you. In the meantime, grab a freshly baked croissant and a cup of hot coffee.” It was just what I wanted! I take my coffee and croissant, and walk away thankful and happy while Manuela and Andrea are busily finishing the breakfast preparations.

I sit at a table under a large oak tree, tasting the warm croissant and sipping my coffee. Above my head the birds are fighting for who knows what. Near me a cat approaches, rubbing my legs and purring. It is huge! I had never seen a cat so big. They tell me his name is Manolo.

Enough sleep! I have to go wake the others!

Come on, lazy ones! I’m hungry and I want to go eat breakfast! A quick shower and everyone is out. We follow the scent again and quickly reach the breakfast room. My God! What a treat! The view from the large window is outstanding. The style. The details. The cakes and breads are all made by Manuela, there are cold cuts and cheese (Pecorino di Pienza), omelets, cakes and other freshly baked pastries. There is cured ham (prosciutto) and mozzarella cheese, tomatoes from the garden and fruit, yogurt, cereal, honey and jams. Oh my God! Definitely I will gain 2 pounds by the end of the week! A gentleman next to me who has been here since last week tells me quietly that every morning there is something new. How curious I am!

Andrea is talking with the guests, advising them on where to go today. Now he comes towards us, “Good morning ! Did you sleep well? What hot drink can I serve you? ”

I take the classic Cappuccino, my daughter takes a hot chocolate (the usual!), and my husband a Cappuccino Zabaione. I see him in disbelief. He seems almost moved … he is bounced back in time, reminded of his childhood when his mother would prepare scrambled eggs for him! These are the flavors of memory.

So many good things … it will be better to stop here otherwise we’ll never get going! Come on, let’s get up and go for a ride. “Bye, Andrea! Bye, Manuela!” – “Ciao, have a good day!”

Breakfast Hours and Information

Breakfast is served from 8.30 to 10.00. Breakfast is included in the price of accommodation. For weekly stays it is optional, please inform us the day before if you intend to use the service.

FAQs – Breakfast

Is the breakfast included in the price?
Breakfast is included in the price of daily accommodation and is not deductible if not consumed. For weekly stays it is optional; please inform us the day before if you intend to use the service.
What time is breakfast served?
We serve every morning from 8:30 to 10:00 in the breakfast room that looks out onto the beautiful Val d’Orcia valley.
Is it possible to have breakfast earlier than 8.30?
Unfortunately is not possible to have earlier breakfast hours; however, the afternoon before we can prepare a breakfast basket for you to enjoy the next morning in your apartment.
Is the breakfast gluten free?
No, we’re sorry. We are not able to prepare gluten-free food. However, we can help you find gluten-free foods at nearby shops.
Are outdoor tables available to eat breakfast?
Yes. There are 2 tables where you can eat breakfast outdoors.