The Fonte Bertusi Tales

The Great Oak of Checche

The road from Pienza, going south, leading to Chianciano Terme, is different from all the others as it is strangely straight, and the landscape, depending on the season, completely changes appearance, although this is not so unusual in these parts. The road is lined with cypress trees and flat […]

Eulogy to slowness

Nowadays the modern way of life is marked by the passing seconds and a thousand things to do, by a thousand appointments. We begin this way of life, first as school children, with sports, then the music lesson, then the dance lesson, then chores at home, and then off […]

The forest

Our street is lined with a grove of oaks and junipers. Some time ago, I really wanted to go and look for mushrooms, but because of my workload I had never found the time to go out, so I decided to do a short tour of patrolling in the […]