Nowadays the modern way of life is marked by the passing seconds and a thousand things to do, by a thousand appointments. We begin this way of life, first as school children, with sports, then the music lesson, then the dance lesson, then chores at home, and then off to bed, just to start all over again the next morning. And the older we become, the fewer hours of sleep we get and the more our commitments consume us. This busy way of life does not please us … and so, we have chosen to live a different life … a life with a slower pace.
We try to live those rare moments of the day when we can get in touch with the soul. To stay healthy all we need is a fireplace, a good book, and the soft purring of our two cats sleeping under the table, or a nice cup of tea while the rain patters against the windows. Nothing special is needed!
All one needs is to give attention to these simple things and recognize the positive side of every situation.
It is true, we are privileged to be able to open the door and dive into a magical world, to be immersed in nature and surrounded by thousands of beautiful animals that just by seeing them opens your heart, but remember that beauty is always within sight and therefore, can be seen in every place.