Like in a Museum

Upon arrival at Fonte Bertusi, you’ll be greeted by a large, colorful rooster in his cage—who seems to be greeting the dawn. Strolling around the grounds you'll find strange objects: encounters that are amusing for some, magical or artistic for others, and for others still, very mentally relaxing by bringing into perspective one's conscience and mankind's place in the world. The magical garden at Fonte Bertusi brings to life antique mythological metamorphosis in a refreshing epiphany that regenerates the soul.

By now it has been ascertained that the two madmen who every day transform this place are two artists: Edoardo, and his son Andrea.
In all these years of delirious, artistic activity, these two have produced an endless amount of work that is scattered now all over the world… the most cherished pieces, however, have remained here, on the walls of the apartments.
The sculptures and installations, being more cumbersome, have instead found their places in the garden. However, one thing common to everyone, being in the midst of so much art makes you feel like you are in art museum. At home!

Art in the garden

Narrated by Jan – 8 years – Netherlands

We left yesterday morning with Mom and Dad from Amsterdam. The car was bursting at the seams. I could not take my scooter. I was tired, my brother and my sister were on me the whole trip. We stopped to sleep in a city, I cannot remember the name, but I know it was midway to Tuscany and today we arrived in Tuscany. Mom made us some toast, and then we immediately went to sleep.
At 8 am we have already been awake for a little while, Mom cooks breakfast for us, Dad is still sleeping. We hope we can go outside alone… Yes! My sister already has her swimsuit under her clothes , but we can’t go swimming without our parents, so we go out to explore the Gardens. My brother has his camera, I have my toy gun. You never know what you may come across!
Between flowers and plants we are accompanied by two curious cats who follow us with every step. They are so funny! They run ahead of us and then climb up on two Large Eyes that sprout from the earth … is there a Giant who lives down there? And perhaps the Slingshot belongs to him! It is so enormous—it is as tall as a house.
We continue exploring until we encounter the Rooster. It is in a large cage, but I cannot pass between the bars. “Good morning, Mr. Rooster!” My sister notices a Gigantic Rake leaning against a gazebo, does it belong to the giant who sleeps underground? My brother has disappeared around the corner to see a Nest of large eggs made of clay.
And here coming out from the earth is a Roof, will there be a house below? Is it a house that is sinking or just being born? Who knows! Farther on, there is a Window in the middle of the garden. Overlooking the valley. Are we inside or outside?

I spy a toad and then an owl, a duck, a hedgehog, a crocodile, a turtle, a giant snail… what booty! I shoot them all with my magic gun and transform them into clay. ANDREA: Questa part non esiste nel test italiano.
Then we meet a Cypress, it is tall and seems rather old, in fact they put a nice sweater on him so he won’t catch a cold. I look up and see a Bike on the roof, maybe it was left by the chimney sweep? Why is it on the roof? On a mound of earth, like a small mountain, there is a Chair on which is sitting a sphere. My sister says it’s a full moon resting, waiting for the right time to go back to heaven. My brother comes running saying that he photographed a Dragon, “get outta here!” we say. “Here,” he shows me the picture. It is just a dragon with big red wheels that monitors and takes care of this magical place.
Mom told me that all these things are works of art. When I grow up I want to be an artist!