The Mount Amiata is an unusual and precious corner of Tuscany. Including in the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, dominating from its 1738 meters above the surrounding valleys. The Amiata remained a territory for thousands of years with unique geological, historic and scenic own characteristics. The beech forests, the rocks, the rich and fresh springs, mines, and a mountain agriculture have given to those who live on the mountain a proud consciousness of diversity. Over the centuries, the Amiata he met and forged an economy on a human scale and nature, using existing resources, from the pastures of the hills and valleys to the gifts of the great mountain and forest products of a valuable local crafts, in a process of wide-ranging social, artistic and environmental.

Most interesting Towns to visit. Distance from Fonte Bertusi

  • Abbadia San Salvatore: 38 km – 45 minutes
  • Piancastagnaio: 43 km – 50 minutes
  • Castiglione d’Orcia: 16 km – 20 minutes

  • Radicofani: 34 km – 40 minutes
  • Santa Fiora: 46 km – 1 hour
  • Sorano: 65 km – 1 hour

  • Pitigliano: 75 km – 1h 20 minutes